Stunning huipil from the Nahualá region of Guatemala. This huipil measures 30″ across the shoulders, 24″ from the neckline to the bottom edges (folded), and open out it measures 48″ from bottom edge to bottom edge. The neck opening is round and measures 7″ in diameter.

The striking lion design is done primarily in deep red/burgundy with accents in blues, greens, pinks, and oranges. The sleeves are sewn to create armholes and are also accented with figures. This huipil is light/medium weight, sewn on a cotton background. A technique unique to the region of Nahualá is to intentionally let the color of the threads run onto the base fabric. It is said that this dates back to the use of expensive silk threads on the huipiles, which would lose some of the color and run, causing this stunning effect. This is a very striking piece extremely representative of this region.

A small sewn representation of the owner’s nuhual can be seen on the front near the bottom. Among the Quiché Maya (K’iche’) each person has his or her own nahual who watches over and protects him. The nahual can sometimes be found sewn into the lower part of a huipil so that it can always be kept close.

This huipil is used and in very good condition.