Large colorful huipil with beautiful weaving and striking embroidery!! It is from the Quetzaltenango region of Guatemala (Frequently referred to as Xela). This stunning huipil measures 33″ across the shoulders, and 26 1/2″ from the neckline to the bottom edges (folded). The neck opening is round and measures 6″ in diameter. The sides are unstitched, but can easily be restitched if desired.

This brilliantly colored huipil is accented with hand-guided machine embroidery that features flowers around the neck and down the front and back on a woven background. The detailed embroidery on the collar is flowers of pink, purple and yellow with matching patterns on front and back. One side of the collar features a butterfly. The other side of the collar shows two birds. The woven background is full of brilliant colors of yellow/gold, blue, and radiant purple. The sleeves and collar are trimmed with black crochet trim.

This huipil is in very good used condition, with little sign of wear. There is a small repair done by the original owner where the collar meets the woven body of the huipil, just below the right-hand bird. The color is a perfect match, and it is hardly noticable. The lower white portion of the huipil has become a tad dingy in a few places. The colors of this huipil are still very brilliant and beautiful and the fabric is wonderfully soft.