Unique red huipil from Nahualá. This huipil measures 32″ across the shoulders, 21″ – 23″ from the neckline to the bottom edges (one panel is shorter than the others). The neck opening is diamond shaped and measures 4 1/2″ in length on each of the four sides.

This huipil is striking with a bright red woven design on a white background. The design is predominantly red with accents of blues, greens, and oranges. The design is classic for the town of Nahualá with figures of birds and other creatures. The background fabric is woven white cotton. The red woven area is done in a thread that does not lose its color with washing.

This huipil is in good used condition, with a few signs of wear. Perhaps some loose threads, as well as a few faint stains. There is a small faint line on the left side, a very faint purple stain on the right side where the color from something else faded, and a few tiny dots on the white background. There is also a very tiny hole near the bottom edge of white section. These flaws are very slight and not easily seen.