Beautiful delantal/apron full of flowers and birds. Original mayan delantal made from the same fabric used for mayan cortes (skirts). This delantal is adorned with extensive hand-guided machine embroidered flowers that accent the center of this apron. There a small three dimensional flowers added to the center designs in pink and blue. The delantal has accents of silver appliqué trim. This appliqué can also be found at the waist.

This delantal measures 51″ around the waist (from tip of tie to tip of tie), 28″ across the widest part of (at the hem), and 25″ from center of the waist to the bottom edge (length). This delantal has two pockets that are hidden on the underside of the apron (one on each side) and close with a zipper. These aprons are a must have for the women of Guatemala. It is very rare to pass through the market and see women that are not wearing an apron, and many times they are this beautiful style.

This delantal is in good used condition, with a few signs of wear. Perhaps a few loose threads and thinning of the fabric in a few tiny spots. One of the zippers for the hidden pockets does not work. This delantal would look great as a decoration in the kitchen, or as a beautiful, useful apron.