Hand embroidered gorro or cap for a child. From the Coban region of Guatemala. It is crafted using the same techniques that artisans use to make huipiles. The flower adornment is the same found on huipiles of the Coban region. This textile is made from one woven panel that measures 27″ long by 9″ wide. The stitching that ran along one edge to form it into the cap has been removed, but is very easily replaced.

This gorro has elaborate hand embroidery that features pastel colored flowers in rows along the length of the fabric. These beautiful flowers are created by twisting the yarn on the surface of the fabric and then tacking it back down from the underside. The colors are pinks, purples, blues, yellows, and oranges with green for the leaves. They are sewn on a black cotton background.

This gorro is in excellent condition, with no signs of use.