Very stunning embroidered huipil from the San Ildefonso Ixtahuacán region of Guatemala, located in the department of Huehuetenango. This huipil measures 31 1/2″ across the shoulders, 20″ from the neckline to the bottom edges (folded). The neck opening is square and measures 5″ x 5 1/2″.

This huipil has elaborate embroidery that features various multi-colored diamonds throughout the body and detailed flowers at the neckline. The colors of the flowers shine like stained glass. The randas that hold the panels together are striking in alternating colors of orange, pink, blue, and yellow, with sections of black in between each color. The sleeves are decorated in a similar fashion as the body with multi-colored squares that contain the various diamond shapes. The background fabric is white cotton.

This huipil is used, but it is in very good condition, with slight signs of wear at the neckline with a few loose threads, and a few faint stains at the bottom and on one side.